#refreform campaign


                                                                                    #refreform - Referendum Reform (bullet points)


1 - Camera on every ballot box in every voting centre.


2 - Body Camera on every person counting the votes.


3 - Body camera on every person transporting the ballot boxes.


4 - All cameras recorded live to www.gov.ie where anyone can choose to watch any of the live feeds.


5 - All recordings/footage is kept and can be used by petitioners in future legal cases against the result of a referendum/election.


6 - All votes must be counted in each voting centre. Ballot boxes are never to be moved from one centre to another.


7 - Voter fraud will carry 10 years in prison with all assets seized by the state. People are chosen for counting/referendum/election duty the same way as jury duty.


8 - Any Minister that lies about the facts during a Referendum debate will receive 10 years in prison with all assets seized.


9 - ID must be checked at all times.