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To add insult to injury the global terrorist, George Soros is illegally funding our up coming abortion referendum. He is using Amnesty International to do just that. He takes great pride in destroying countries around the world and openly brags about it with impunity...



do we call the abortion referendum off, pending an investigation and protect our constitution?


...surely the current Taoiseach could put his self-centred egotistical condition aside and deal with the reality of the situation. What do you think?


Illegal funding is not the only matter that's threatening our democratic process. There is the matter of Citizens committee member TD Ruth Coppinger and her involvement in ROSA and the abortion pill bus mass murdering campaign under the guise of civil disobedience.


TD Coppinger and the ROSA crew travelled around Ireland on a bus handing out illegal abortion pills that caused the estimated deaths of between 500 and 1,500 innocent lives. On the 17th of January 2018, she openly brags about this in the Dáil.


There still has been no investigation into the matter and she got and gets to vote on the railroading of our constitution when she and all the ROSA crew should be spending multiple life sentences for mass murder and domestic terrorism. We have video proof of the above abortion pill bus fiasco and will force an investigation.


There is also the issue of unbiased voices of the citizen assembly, 4 pro-life to 24 pro choice voices,  complete media bias and disinformation.


It's is crucially important to note here that we ÉIA, will not accept any changes to the 8th amendment and will open up a criminal investigation when we are in government next and believe us heads will role.


Taoiseach, time to pull the finger out.