Abuse of Power bill (bullet points)


1 – It is the sworn responsibility of all civil servants to report any issues involving abuse of power towards the general public.


2 – If a civil servant notices any foul play/corruption in the ranks/fellow civil servants; they are to immediately report this.


3 – If a civil servant can prove without doubt the abuse of power towards any member of the public, they will be next in line for a promotion and will receive a 25% increase in salary, honesty will be rewarded.


4 – Any Civil servant found guilty of abuse of power towards any member of the general public are to receive a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, all assets seized by the state

and a further 10years of community service after the 10 years are done. The idea is do not at any stage abuse your position of power.


5 – If unions vote to strike on our Abuse of power bill we will implement the following Emergency plan:

 *Any civil servant that crosses the petition line will be rewarded with a higher position and will be responsible for the immediate training of new employees, this goes for the entire civil service.


 *We will hire temporary staff to fill positions until new recruits are trained.


 *Regarding our police force, we will bring in the army to keep peace and aid the public. We will also empower local resident associations/paedophile vigilantes with the same power as the Gardaí and will immediately be trained by gardaí that cross the picket lines that are now in higher positions “in most cases”.


 *Any civil servant that does not cross the picket lines and sides with the unions regarding our abuse of power bill, will immediately loose their job permanently and without redundancy.


 *The HSE and all civil servants will be treated the same if they side with the unions over our abuse of power bill.


 *Our abuse of power bill will make it illegal for the Government to allow negotiation with the unions at any stage regarding this bill.