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We are currently building a case and we will take legal action if there are any fraudulent changes made to the 8th Amendment and may take legal action if there are no changes made so we never have a repeat of this kind of criminal behaviour. WE CONSIDER ANY CHANGES TO THE 8TH AMENDMENT VOID AND CALL FOR THE IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION OF An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the Minister of Health Simon Harris ,TD RUTH COPPINGER, TD BRID SMITH and possibly the Director of Public Prosecutions pending an immediate investigation into political policing, mass murder, corruption, fraud and treason.

Must read for everyone, especially if you're sitting on the fence.
Research conducted by Edward Tynan

GROUNDS 1 - Video 1 -28th October 2014 abortion pill bus mass murdering campaign. Evidence of women taking the abortion pills.

GROUNDS 1 - Video 2 - TD Brid Smith, openly involved in a mass murdering terror plot. She also got to vote on the fraudulent findings of the already stitched up Citizens Assembly. If this can somehow be branded civil disobedience it sends a dangerous precedent in our justice system, as the law now reads that it is "OK", to murder 500-1500 so long as it fits your political agenda or What would be your take on it? Can the Law now clarify exactly how many we are allowed to kill, is it under 2,000 for example. This needs to be clarified.


The Director of Public Prosecutions should immediately resign if she had prior knowledge to this murder campaign. If this is not political policing I don't know what is.

GROUNDS 9 - Voter fraud links:

Bloated register, more registered to vote than there should be:



Lisbon Treaty/Supreme Court 2016: The Supreme court recognises voter fraud in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum part 2. PLEASE NOTE: Éire Inniú Anois will stamp out voter fraud and revisit all referendums since and including the Lisbon Treaty, when we form government.


...PDF file: http://www.integrityireland.ie/Opening%20Statement%20of%20Harry%20Rea.pdf


GROUNDS 5 - Video 1- This video shows the scale of misinformation from this government, so much that people where globally protesting our abortion laws. Savita Halappanavar died of sepsis and negligence from the HSE, nothing to do with the 8th Amendment. IRISH mainstream media and criminal TD's are responsible for this misinformation. Éire Inniú Anois will abolish the TV licence and tax all media@ 25% of Gross, when we form government.


This criminal misinformation has the possibility of swinging this referendum. This is one of the legal grounds for declaring any changes to the 8th Amendment, void and ÉIA will take legal action if the 8th Amendment is changed in any way.


GROUNDS 1 - Video 3 - RTE coverage of Abortion pill bus mass murdering campaign. Main stream media reported but the DPP not acting shows potential political policing and treason against our Constitution.


GROUNDS 1 - Video 4 - Limerick Abortion pill bus. This is 1 example of many that we will post, this is an example of mass murder and domestic terrorism that was allowed by our justice system for more than 3 years, WHY???. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) should resign if she has purposely allowed this mass murdering campaign to go on without being punished by our law system. This is one of the legal grounds that we will take if there are any changes made to the 8th Amendment.





Misinformation regarding Savita Halappanavar .



GROUNDS 10 - Adoption Statistics




GROUNDS 1 - VIDEO 5 - more Abortion pill bus mass murder campaign videos.