I believe that our farmers are selling themselves short. We believe that instead of trying to compete in the current market, Irish Farmers should aim for the premium market.


I plan on setting up a new high quality standard, which would be a strict stamp of approval for farmers that wish to compete in the premium end of the market...


I would also like to extend this initiative to Northern Ireland.  All farmers on our Island could aim for the one high quality goal.  √ČIA wish to run candidates in Northern Ireland in the near future.


  • Strict stamp of approval would require the following...


  1 -  NO antibiotics allowed to be given to animals that wish to qualify at any stage.

  2 -  NO GM feed.

  3 -  video cameras must be installed on farm to ensure animals are treated properly.

  4 - must pass continuous and random tests to ensure quality control.


I believe that any farmer that receives this strict stamp of approval, can expect to sell produce for 3 - 5 times current market price pushed globally as the best of the best aiming directly at the premium end of the market.


I also propose a grant or tax incentive for installation of video camera system.


I also propose a low VAT or VAT free status for products that qualify, if possible North and South of the border.


I believe that we brand these products as the best of the best in the world and we will find food distribution companies that can get our products to the most upper market restaurants worldwide.


I plan to give VAT free travel and vat free accommodation as a sweetener to any country that imports a large amount of our premium farm produce.


I propose that Farmers should grow hemp on a percentage of their land, the hemp can firstly be turned into solid fuel and later expanded into all areas of the hemp industry.