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If you take a look at the insane spending habits of the HSE it does not take a genius to figure out that they are not to be trusted with any of their budget.


When ÉIA form Government, our Minister of health will decide what is bought and for how much.


100's of millions of your tax money is being squandered on a regular basis...


...it is nothing short of a sick joke.


  • ÉIA propose that the minister of health will be the head of the HSE, saving an additional
    €600,000 pa.


  • ÉIA will make big changes to the HSE from the top down regarding positions and salary.


  • ÉIA will scrutinise the spending of the HSE before working out what additional funding is required.


  • ÉIA are currently working on a report which we will publish when we have all the details worked out.


....It's important to note also that we are currently paying "crazy" high prices for medication that can easily be solved in most cases by simply “shopping around”. Details of this will be a section of the above mentioned report.