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ÉIA believe that the LGBQ community should choose not to be bundled in with T (transgender) and + (whatever plus might mean in the future, B for bestiality and P for paedophile come to mind) The very idea that we would even entertain our children with the notion of having sex changes is extremely sick behaviour, never mind brainwashing them about this being an option in our schools. We all knew at least one “Tom boy”, when we were growing up, How many future tom boys will now be encouraged to change to the other sex for example??? instead of in most cases, growing out of it, with the majority going on to raise children.


ÉIA staunchly believe that you must be at least 18 years old  before you can make a decision to start sex change treatment and you must also be sterilised, like in many other countries. Transgender people should receive help and support for their obvious mental illness, which is clinically knows as gender dysphoria.


ÉIA also believe that anyone that is pushing this at children should serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years. We should also ban all publications/music videos/entertainment/concerts containing this kind of content that is aimed at U18's.


These programmes are already in the UK as we speak with more than 100 primary schools pushing these programmes at 4-11 year olds and they will be mandatory next year 2019 in the UK, which ÉIA is staunchly against.


Canada has even passed a law that can jail parents that stop their children taking part in these early sexualisation programmes.