Éire Inniú Anois  - Ireland today now

                                                                                     MORTGAGE RULES/EVICTION BILL


ÉIA believe:

 1 - Rental records should be allowed to be shown as proof that one can afford a mortgage.


2 - If mortgage holders get into difficulty, the agreed length of loan should be extended to reduce the monthly payments.


3 - Children/family members of mortgage holder should be allowed to continue paying the mortgage, if they get into difficulty.


4 - The passing of the Eviction Bill just lead to Vulture funds buying our property assets  on the cheap, many mortgage holders lost their property, when some other arrangement should have been made. The eviction bill at least needs to be  amended.


5 - Credit unions should be able to compete without regulation from the Central bank and/or a new National bank must be set up without any influence from the central  bank.



ÉIA would like to see the credit unions and AN Post work together and expand into new areas of business.


ÉIA believe we need to stop outsourcing to private companies and stop paying millions of Euros on consultation and advice, a bit of cop on is all that's required in all areas and across the board.


FG, FF and others are out to destroy this country of ours and sell it to their globalist masters, surely that is obvious at this stage.


Regarding refugees being taken in by Ireland...ÉIA believe that we must first sort out our own homeless/housing problem, It is a disgrace that we are taking in refugees, housing them and not our own.


We do not drop the bombs or supply them, perhaps the country's that do should take all the burden or sort the problem out some other way themselves.


ÉIA propose pulling out of the EU refugee resettlement programme and returning all current refugees to a safe part of their country of origin.


ÉIA also propose we make available an estimated 5,000 Euro per man/woman/child that are on the EU resettlement list to find them accommodation and help hem set up back in their homeland.


We know that they have been struggling through unimaginable torment of the past few years and deeply sympathise with them but at the end of the day our own come first.


PLEASE NOTE: There is also the issue of the globalist elite giving multiple fake Syrian passports to Islamic state terrorists. ÉIA believe that this is a trojan horse type plan designed to cause chaos all over the EU so the likes of George Soros can have his new world order dystopia that he calls a eutopia.


Any refugees that come to Ireland illegally will be deported