Éire Inniú Anois  - Ireland today now


ÉIA is an Irish Nationalist/protectionist/anti-globalist political party that plan on running candidates in local/national elections, north and south of the border.


ÉIA is in favour of holding an Éirexit referendum if we are not allowed to make our own budget, our own laws and 100% control over our neutrality.


ÉIA will pull out of the UN as we do not regard sanctioning other countries as any of our business and as an act of war. We also believe Ireland should never comment on world politics, our citizens can choose to boycott whoever they wish for whatever reasons.


ÉIA believe water is a human right and should be enshrined in our constitution.


ÉIA is anti-abortion and eugenics.


ÉIA believe that the LGBQ community should choose not to be bundled in with T (transgender) and + (whatever plus might mean in the future, bestiality and paedophilia come to mind) The very idea that we would even entertain our children with the notion of having sex changes is extremely sick behaviour, never mind brainwashing them about this being an option in our schools. We all knew at least one “Tom boy”, when we were growing up, How many future tom boys will now be encouraged to change to the other sex for example??? instead of in most cases, growing out of it, with the majority going on to raise children. ÉIA staunchly believe that you must be at least 18 years old  before you can make a decision to start sex change treatment and you must also be sterilised, like in many other countries. Transgender people should receive help and support for their obvious mental illness. ÉIA also believe that anyone that is pushing this at children should serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years. We should also ban all publications/music videos/entertainment/concerts containing this kind of content that is aimed at U18's.



ÉIA is against taking in refugees whilst we have a homeless/housing crisis.  We will pull out of the EU refugee resettlement plan and deport all current refugees back to a safe area of their country of origin when we form government. We are also aware of the globalist plot to destroy western civilisation with an Islamic trojan horse style invasion.


ÉIA plan on phasing out the discriminatory social welfare cut for 18 – 26 years old.


ÉIA have an ISLANDER STATUS plan that will give higher priority benefits to Irish citizens North and South of the border. These will include higher on hospital waiting lists/organ lists/housing lists etc. (see Islander status plan) Islander status can not be implemented without a referendum.


ÉIA have a solution that can solve our homeless/housing crisis and we will introduce our RENTAL CAP TAX FREE ALLOWANCE PLAN for landlords/agents,  IRISH VULTURE TAX PLAN, FOREIGN VULTURE TAX PLAN and PROPERTY TAX REFORM.


ÉIA have an INCOME TAX PLAN tax that will largely benefit the majority of the country.


ÉIA will introduce our DYNAMIC VAT PLAN.


ÉIA is anti-war and in favour of Nuclear disarmament.


ÉIA will bring in mandatory organic gardening and cooking meals from scratch for primary schools curriculum as a main subject.


ÉIA will call Army home to protect our borders/navy to protect our seas.


ÉIA is against mandatory vaccinations and unfair bias of information.


ÉIA have a plan to reform our communities by extending the power of our county councils with new initiatives.


ÉIA have a reform plan for the future of farming and also aim to include farmers north of the border with a new initiative.


ÉIA is in favour of a united Ireland and believe the sooner we sort our side of the border out the closer we will get to this.  It can only happen through peace and coming up with solutions.  We plan on running candidates in Northern Ireland in the near future. ÉIA is staunchly against the suppressing of the Irish language in the North.


ÉIA is in favour of liberalising Ireland's stance on medical cannabis. We know CBD oil cures cancer amongst other illnesses and we will make it available on the medical card for all related illnesses. We will also make the CBD oil ourselves so we are sure we are giving the best quality, this will also create medical/science jobs. We will ban MONSANTO CBD oil and all related cannabis medicinal products.


ÉIA do not buy the current climate change narrative and will pull out of the Paris climate change accord.


ÉIA is staunchly against the brutal decision to jail Joe Doocey. Joe was and is  merely a victim of disgusting levels of corruption in our legal and justice departments.  He said what most of us already know.  The Gardai set him up and he is still currently in jail. We are launching our Justice for Joe Doocey campaign Summer 2018.  ÉIA will campaign for his release and for a full investigation into this injustice.


ÉIA is staunchly in favour of freedom of speech and will hold a referendum on this issue when we form government.


ÉIA is staunchly against political policing, corruption in the judicial system/civil service, the DPP and throughout the government.  We will be pushing out our ABUSE OF POWER BILL, which will see a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for abuse of power in the civil service. We will also force an investigation into the last 50years of leniency shown towards paedophiles from the justice department.


ÉIA  will empower paedophile hunters/citizens right to catch in the act/arrest paedophiles and hand them over to gardaí.


ÉIA will ban philanthropy in third level institutions that is for political gain, it is not philanthropy if it is for gain.


ÉIA will ban Amnesty International from collecting funds and operating in Ireland as punishment for ignoring our referendum laws/democratic process.


ÉIA will force a full investigation into everybody that was involved in the Abortion Pill bus mass murdering/terrorist campaign.


ÉIA will abolish the TV licence when we form government and we will campaign hard for a National boycott.