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ÉIA does not buy the current climate change narrative. We laugh at the EU when they say Ireland is the worst performing EU country for combating climate change, it just shows that the EU live in opposite land.


They spent 30 years spewing out global warming and it turned out to be a hoax, they then changed the name to climate change and pushed it at us again.


“They just want more regulations, stricter NCT tests, farmers having to buy big expensive new tractors that most can't even fit up their lane, no solid fuel just oil and gas, the fuel of war, not to mention that they bill us and we have to hand them 100's of millions on a regular basis”...


ÉIA will pull out of the Paris climate change accord.


Scientific Evidence of soil samples has been sent to us that are deeply disturbing.  We will challenge the EPA with our up coming campaign, to explain why they have not raised the alarm bells.


ÉIA propose a full investigation into the above and plan on fighting against this tooth and nail.


We may also have to clear out house in the EPA.  The EPA are supposed to be protecting our environment instead it appears that they may not be.  A full criminal investigation may have to be launched and if so employees from the EPA must come clean before this investigation if there is to be any chance of them holding their position or avoiding prosecution.


ÉIA is not ignorant to pollution and believe that growing hemp on a big scale and turning it into solid fuel would be one way to achieve this.  This would also be the start of a new national industry, one that all land owners could benefit from.  The smoke from hemp fuel is much cleaner than the current solid fuels which we use.