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  • All SME'S and MNC'S must have Irish bank account.
  • Corporations and anyone with offshore accounts will be offered once off tax reduced transaction to Irish banks. Corporations @7.5%.  Personal accounts @15%. Standard rate of tax hereafter.
  • All staff must have Irish bank account.
  • funds moved from Irish bank account to a bank account outside Ireland “emergency” taxed instantly@50%.


 corporation tax                      @12.5% if 80%  of staff are Irish

                                                       @15%    if 75%   of staff are Irish

                                                       @30%    if 60%  of staff are Irish

                                                       @50%    if 50%  of staff are Irish


special corporation tax


                                 @10%  if over 85%      of staff are Irish and is in built up area (zone1)

                                 @8%     if over 85%     of staff are Irish and is in less built up area (zone2)

                                 @6.5% if over 92.5% of staff are Irish and is in (zone1)

                                 @5%     if over 92.5%  of staff are Irish and is in (zone2)

                                 @4%     if over 97.5%  of staff are Irish and is in (zone1)

                                 @2%     if over 97.5%  of staff are Irish and is in (zone2)


  • ÉIA believe low corporation tax must bring high amount of Irish jobs, this is the general idea of our corporation tax plan. It leaves a clear target for all corporations to aim towards and rewards corporate investment in rural areas(zone2).


  • ÉIA “may” introduce an Apprenticeship Merit System for all SMEs and MNCs: If corporations hire an apprentice that is currently unemployed they will count as 1.5 people on the staff bracket system. They must receive minimum wage for two years until fully trained. After 2 years they are to receive a full contract. On the commencement of the 3d year they will count for 1.25 people and on the 4th year count as 1 person on the merit system.


PLEASE NOTE: many of the MNC'S that are currently in Ireland pay much less than 1%, not 12.5%.

ÉIA believe we can break tax loopholes by taxing corporations heavily if funds are moved from Irish banks.  Tax loopholes are being shut down around the world.  Shareholders of corporations will be very interested in our lowest rate corporation tax and will know it is extremely worthwhile hiring the higher amount of Irish staff and will more than move towards this goal.


  • SMEs will be able to expand or find it easier to stay afloat.
  • MNCs will be able to enjoy extremely low corporation taxes and WILL hire Irish workers.
  • Revenue will collect a higher amount of tax from MNCs that currently pay less than 1%.
  • Irish workers will enjoy a much higher standard of living with our tax reform balanced with heavy taxes in some other areas.
  • Unemployment figures will fall and we mean the real figures not the current fabricated figures.
  • Irish citizens or dual citizens only qualify as Irish staff.
  • ÉIA are staunchly against AI/robotic technology that threatens Irish jobs. Corporations must agree with us on this stance.  Under no circumstance must Irish jobs be lost to robotic technology. This needs to be enshrined in our constitution.  ÉIA will hold a referendum on this when we form government. .


ÉIA is currently working on a report on the spending habits of the HSE and county councils, we will scrutinise spending in these areas and release a report on how better to spend our budget. We still do not have all the details so some of the above figures maybe subject to change, however this is the general idea of what to expect in our alternative budget.  ÉIA will present an alternative budget in the near future.