Éire Inniú Anois  - Ireland today now




The following is a list referenda we would like to hold when we get into Government, we believe that these referendums are crucially important to Ireland's future.


PLEASE NOTE: Referendum Reform must be implemented before any Referendums can take place.



1.  We are 100% committed to holding a Referendum on reverting back to our 1919 Constitution as our 1919 Constitution was amended without being put to the Irish people rendering all Constitutions/amendments since void. if there is no legal way to revert back without a referendum.


2.  Referendum on full Freedom of speech.


3.  We are in favour of holding a Referendum on the " death penalty" for paedophiles and for membership of a paedophile ring/child sex slavery/human trafficking. We also believe that the "death penalty" should be given to repeat rape offenders. We believe that all "domestic terrorists" political/religious violent groups like ANTIFA should also receive the "death penalty".  We believe that "foreign terrorists" like ISIS should receive the death penalty with every one of their "migrant" blood relations /acquaintances being instantly deported. We also propose a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and all assets seized by the state for anyone caught harbouring a paedophile/obstructing the course of justice regarding paedophilia/child sex slavery/human trafficking/domestic or foreign terrorism.


4.  Referendum on Public ownership of all utilities/Human right to water.


5.  Referendum on  Artificial Intelligence and robotic technology in the workforce.