Éire Inniú Anois  - Ireland today now





The following is a list referenda we would like to hold when we get into Government, we believe that these referenda are crucially important to Ireland's future.


PLEASE NOTE: We must sort out the issue of potential voter fraud before we can allow any more referendums to take place.



1.  We are 100% committed to holding all referenda since the Lisbon Treaty again after we sort out potential voter fraud.


2.  Freedom of speech.


3.  Referendum on leaving the EU if we can not control our own budget, laws and neutrality, which at the end of the day, the EU will never allow us this control.


4.  Public ownership of all utilities/Human right to water


5.  Artificial Intelligence and robotic technology in the workforce.


6. Referendum on our Islander status plan


7. Referendum for the right to protect your home with impunity/gun rights. Glove compartment of your car and concealed carry of weapon to be taking into consideration.