• I believe Ireland should offer a “once off” tax reduced transaction from offshore accounts/tax havens to Irish banks. This will include corporate and personal accounts.  7.5% tax for corporation.  15% tax for personal account.


                                                                                   INCOME TAX REFORM


I have a tax plan that will more than ease the burden on Income tax that is fair and straight to the point.  I believe that by freeing up income tax and increasing tax in areas that might be deemed “luxury” is the way to do this. The current income tax plan bestows too much weight on the average taxpayer and even discriminates against the single person that may be building his/her nest before lying in it. This is also aimed at a percentage of Irish workers that are either saving for something or trying to keep debts at bay.
























 ...losses in income tax will be balanced by the following...


I propose a dynamic Value added tax (VAT) rate system


  • TOXIC VAT(TVAT)         rate @100%  - GM ingredients/biological cleaning agents etc
  • EVENT VAT(EVAT)        rate@50%      - all entertainment and sporting events
  • SPIRIT VAT (SVAT)        rate@50%      - all off sales alcohol 18%VOL and over.
  • SPECIAL VAT(SPVAT)   rate@37.5%   - newspapers,books,digital media etc.
  • QUALITY VAT(QVAT)   rate @17.5%  - natural and organic products.
  • STANDARD VAT(VAT)   rate@23%     - all other unless specified


  • EVAT(event vat) – this will apply to all venues/nightclubs/theatres/stadiums/sports halls etc.. This will include all events i.e. music/sport/comedy/theatre etc.


  • 50% EVAT(event vat) on all tickets sold.
  • ticket money to be paid to revenue within 10 working days after the event.
  • penalties will be severe
  • no exemptions
  • Ticket reselling known as “touting” will carry a minimum 3years in prison.
  • ÉIA will introduce a sports assist programme for Athletes on social welfare up to the 25kpa tax bracket so long as they can prove they are training/member of a sports club/team etc...
  • ÉIA will introduce an Artist assist programme for Artists/musicians on social welfare up to the 25kpa tax bracket so long as they can prove they are working on a project.
  • Artists and Musicians will pay taxes at the normal tax rates over 25kpa. They are currently    tax free up to 100kpa.
  • Athletes will pay tax at the normal tax rates over 25Kpa.
  • Artist assist and sports assist will be available for 18-26year bracket and above.


  • SVAT(spirit vat)– All off sales alcohol over 18%VOL taxed @50%. (pubs and restaurants exempt for single and double measures but not exempt for off sales).


  • TVAT(toxic vat)@100% on any alcohol or food products that contains GM ingredients/harmful ingredients. Biological cleaning agents/bleach e.t.c


  • SPVAT(special vat)@37.5%– ÉIA will introduce a special VAT (newspapers/books/magazines/CD's/DVD's/digital media etc.)@37.5%, some exemptions for educational/Irish language/culture can be applied for.


  • QVAT(quality vat)@17.5% -  products that have natural ingredients/organic and may introduce a lower VAT rate again for all Irish quality products. Protecting our market is our highest priority.


  • NGO Tax – ÉIA are aware of the great work done by many NGOs, however there is a Globalist agenda that we are staunchly against so until we come up with a better action plan...


  •  Foreign NGOs with Irish branch will pay 40% tax on gross annual sales/funds.
  •  Irish Bank Account is compulsory for all Irish NGOs and foreign NGOs with Irish branch
  •  Foreign NGO'S without an Irish branch will pay 75% tax on all Irish transactions.
  •  no exemptions


  • Gambling/Betting Tax – Ireland has one of the lowest rates of gambling tax in the world.  Gambling is more of a “luxury” item so while on one hand we free up income tax on the other we must come down harder. Most people will have more money to gamble if they choose to, however they will make less gains after this compulsory tax. Tax will be applied to all offline/online bets and betting operators.


                                                   10% tax on gains up to 250euro per bet

                                                   20% tax on gains over  250euro per bet

                                                   25% tax on gains over  500euro per bet

                                                   35% tax on gains over  1,000euro per bet


                                                Betting operator tax @20% of Annual Gross



  • Fine Art Tax  - The sale of fine art is still one of the main avenues for money laundering. Any painting/art piece that sells for over







  • I will abolish hospitality tax.


PLEASE NOTE: these above taxes may seem harsh to some but the idea is whether your single/married/widowed with or without children your choices are to save/pay debt or splash out. You will be able to save up or pay debts a lot easier with the much lighter burden income tax and if your splashing out you also have more money to do so. This also suits members of the workforce that do not drink, do not go to concerts, do not gamble, that maybe just want to save and retire early for example. The dynamic VAT rate also separates high quality from low quality, Irish from foreign produce and rewards them accordingly.


50k       @35%  tax

250k     @40% tax

500k     @45% tax

800K+  @50% tax

25Kpa +    @15%


 35Kpa +   @20%


 50Kpa+    @25%


 75Kpa+     @30%


 100Kpa+  @35%


 125Kpa+   @40%


 150kpa+   @42.5%


 200Kpa+  @45%


 350kpa+   @47.5%


 500kpa+   @50%