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                             To the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government, An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Minister of Health Simon Harris, Minister of Children, and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone, Minister of Justice and Equality Charles Flanagan, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the entire government.


We the people of Ireland DEMAND the 8th Amendment Referendum be shelved for 3 years pending a full criminal investigation, we also demand that we revisit the 2015 same sex marriage referendum as we will never accept mandatory LGBTQ+ brainwashing programs in our Schools and The Thirty-First Amendment of the Constitution (Children) Act 2012, which gave power to the state over the parents absolute power over their child. It is also this farcical referendum that gave birth to the toxic child protection agency TUSLA, who has stumbled from one scandal to another and are not fit for purpose. It has become very obvious that this government and the previous government are out to attack our children on all fronts, from abortion, state controlled children to brainwashing and open paedophilia.


We are aware that right now whilst the country is focused on the 8th Amendment Referendum, this government is bringing in mandatory LGBTQ+ brainwashing programs as we speak which constitutes nothing other than open paedophilia.


In January 2016, A newstalk investigation made a comparison of the electoral register with the latest census and this showed there were more than 488,000 too many people entitled to vote, an overstating of the register by 15%. In January 2016, political Analyst Ordan Flynn raised the alarm bells regarding our democratic process.


According to the most recent census, the number of people aged 18 and over in the country entitled to vote - ie Irish and British citizens resident in Ireland - is 3,023,025.

However, in the 2015 same sex marriage referendum there were 3,221,681 voting cards issued.

That means that a minimum of 200,000 too many people were registered to vote for that referendum.


The Irish people are now aware that the truth is you the Government, may have  “stitched up”, “falsified” the same sex marriage referendum to pave the way for open paedophilia and the brainwashing of our children.  We are aware of the possible voter fraud and that right at this minute the Government is finalising making LGBTQ+ brainwashing/recruitment programs mandatory in schools, in this country and it is being slipped in whilst we try to counter this upcoming potentially stitched up 8th Amendment Referendum.


This figure from 2016,  200,000 assumes a 100% registration rate among citizens which is normally not the case in any western democracy, where registration is voluntary.

Even assuming a registration rate of 90% then the register is overstated by more than 488,000 voters.

At a registration rate of 85%, the overstating of the register is well over 600,000.


We the people of Ireland, also demand that we revisit at least the same sex marriage referendum and The Thirty-First Amendment of the Constitution (Children) Act 2012, depending on the results of this criminal investigation. It is worth noticing here that the Éire Inniú Anois political party are taking legal action regarding all of the above and this possible voter fraud is only one of the 10 grounds for cancelling the 8th Amendment Referendum pending a full criminal investigation. Many Government officials will go to jail for this, when justice is served.

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